We are changing the experience in commercial transportation.

envio is offering professional fleet management telemetry technology support to individuals, investors, Government, and transport management companies in Nigeria.

Our vision is to be the technology engine behind a better and more efficient means of public transportation in Nigeria.

Our service comes with a FREE envioBOx: a hybrid telemetry system with a monthly service subscription or a transaction subscription fee of 7%.
Choose from any of the plans that soothes your fleet needs.
  • Real Time visibility of the activities of each vehicle configured with the envioBOx.
  • Be notified when drivers exit city boundaries without permission.
  • Monitor and penalize drivers who violate speed limits.
  • Get notified when vehicles on your fleet hit milestones when they are on interstate travel. For example; Get notification when the vehicle leaves the motor park, cross-city boundaries until the vehicle gets to the destination.
  • Get notified when each vehicle is due for an oil change and periodic vehicle inspection.
  • Get notification when the engine of any vehicle is stressed on a journey.
  • Automated SMS & emails to drivers renting your vehicle to make rental payments.
  • Get SMS & email notifications when a driver pays rental fees for your vehicle via the envio billing system. If the driver fails to make payments on the due rental days, the envio system automatically shut down the vehicle until payment is processed and instantly gets mobilized.
  • Rental payments get remitted to your registered bank account the next business day after payment is processed via the envio billing system by drivers renting your vehicle.
  • Get notified via SMS & email when a driver fails to make rental payments on the due date.
  • Generate an analytical trip report of activities of vehicles assigned to a driver.
  • envio offers 24 hours monitoring services to all vehicles fitted with the envioBOx.
  • In case of theft, your vehicle will be traced and recovered by the relevant law enforcement agencies.