Start a business leasing out your car.

We are pioneering a marketplace for people and fleet management companies to share their vehicles with verified drivers in their community while they earn weekly.

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It’s easy to share a car with envio.

Leasing out your vehicle to others is very lucrative but could come with a lot of hurdles that could drain your profit and emotions.

Challenges you could encounter includes;

  • Delayed rental payments from drivers or no payment at all.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance culture by the drivers.
  • Safety of the vehicle.
  • Long work hours and unauthorized interstate travels by the driver.

We allow you set your terms and take full control of our vehicle.

  • Get real-time location of all the vehicles on your fleet.
  • Set geofence parameters and get notification when the driver(s) travels out of the city at any time. 
  • Get a notification on driver behavioural patterns like over-speeding, extended work time, harsh braking, engine idling, and other actions that increase wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Access to useful analytical reports (mileage report, speed frequency report, parameter notification reports, to measure vehicle utilization.  
  • Enjoy playback of the vehicle’s historical movements on the map in the last 9 months.
  • Get engine stress notifications.
  • The vehicle owner can customize their map interface for better identification experience. 
  • The envío platform sends an automated weekly email to vehicle owners on the activities of each vehicle every MONDAY at 01.00 hrs.

Don't worry about your rental payments, we would take charge of this.

The envio billing gateway electronically process payments from your driver and instantly disables the engine of the vehicle if the driver fails to make payment on the expected date and automatically enable the engine as soon as the system processes payment.

  • Drivers get SMS and email payment reminders 24 hours before payment date.
  • Drivers and vehicle owners get e-receipts when payment is successful.
  • Drivers and investors get SMS and email notification when there is a default in rental payment.
  • Drivers have access to rental rollovers.

envio charge 7% on each weekly rental payments processed.

Activation flow process

Getting started is simple.
  • 1
    Fill the listing form.

    Fill the form booking form below with your basic details for review.

  • 2
    Get activated

    After your reviewing your application, our activation team will contact you via email to get your car fitted and activated with the envioBOx system.

  • 3
    Start earnig weekly

    Setup your profile on the envio online garage and connect with verified drivers to start earning weekly.

Share your car.

Complete the form below to share your vehicle with people willing to use it for commercial or private services in your city.
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The envio advantage.

  • 1
    The envioBOx System is FREE

    You don't have to spend money on any complex tracking device. The envioBOx is a hybrid telemetry system giving you all the control you need.

  • 2
    You determine your own rules.

    We allow you set your rental rates, publish your own terms of use and approve bookings from hundreds of drivers.

  • 3
    We have your rental payments covered.

    Our unique payment gateway allows you get paid one business day after your driver makes remittances.