envio for commercial transport managers.

Managing cars for your client as a transport manager comes with a lot of anxiety. The compact plus plan for commercial transport managers has professional tools to ease the management process.

Features of the compact plus plan.

Commercial transport managers.
  • Get the real-time location of the activities of vehicles registered on your fleet.
  • Set geographic boundaries around the city and get notifications when any driver leaves the city unauthorized.
  • Set speed limits and generate a report of speed violators.
  • Get notification when vehicles on your fleet are due for an oil change.
  • Get notification when engines of vehicles on your fleet are stressed.
  • The envio gateway helps process rental payments from your drivers. You will be able to monitor the success of all rental payments from the drivers and follow up on all defaulting drivers.
  • Every week, your investors will get an email report on the summary of the activities of their vehicle managed by your company.
  • Investors registered on your fleet will get SMS and email notification on rental payments made by the drivers.
  • Drivers registered with your company will have access to a personalized dashboard to make rental payments using their debit card and monitor rental payments. Drivers can also make rental payments by cash at different envio connect centers in each city envio operate.

Cost of the compact plus plan:

  • The compact plus plan comes with a FREE envioBOx.
  • Installation fee: N5,000
  • Service subscription: We charge 7% of the weekly rental payment from the drivers but we can add your management subscription fee and collect from the weekly rental fees paid by the drivers.
  • You will be entitled to a personalised dashboard to monitor the earnings from your drivers and likewise real-time location and activities of vehicles on your fleet.

To sign up for the compact plus plan, send us an email [email protected] with your full names and contact information or visit the nearest envio connect centre.

Booking information: Kindly call 08122281970 or send email to [email protected]