Oil & Gas solution.

Today's comprehensive telematics solutions make fleet management in the oil and gas sector seamless.

envio offers you all of the fleet management information you’ll need to meet the challenges of extraction and transportation activities in the oil and gas sector.

Manage your fleet
wherever the job takes you.

Sign up for the compact plan for the following features;

• envio helps promote fleet safety with emergency alerts, notifications for unsafe areas, tools to correct unsafe behavior and speeding, automatic records of driving hours, and more.
• envio helps you improve fleet productivity with fleet monitoring to help identify idle assets, improve maintenance scheduling, and quickly adapt to last-minute changes.
• envio keeps fleet managers notified when fuel tankers leave loading depots till your trucks arrive at designated discharge stations in Nigeria.
• envio allows you to access useful analytical reports on all historical activities of oil trucks on your fleet.

Recommend package: Compact plan

Monthly platform subscription: N3,750

To sign up for the compact plan, send us an email [email protected] with your full names and contact information or visit the nearest envio connect centre.