We are the power behind
shared mobility in Africa.

# Helping more people get to a destination in Africa.

We are creating a payment infrastructure and data analytics platform to stimulate the growth of shared mobility in Africa.

Our dashboard offers all the analytical report required to monitor rental payments, transportation levies and maintenance routines.

We are providing sponsors, fleet managers and Government agencies with the right analytics to manage rental payments, transportation levies while also keeping up with important maintenance routines.

Rental and levy payments are seamless with envio.

Processing rental payments or levies from drivers is now seamless with the envio technology. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to fix the rates and monitor the progress of payments and keep up with important maintenance updates for each vehicle. The prowess of artificial intelligence, our system seamlessly immobilizes the engine for defaulting drivers and automatically of the vehicle until payment is successfully processed.

Be up to date with all maintenance rountines from one dashboard.

Be the first to know when how well your vehicle fares while on lease for private or commercial shared mobility services.
From a very simple dashboard, each driver and vehicle owner can keep up with all the important updates on all maintenance routines.