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A fleet management telemetry SaaS company founded in 2015, envio powers complex transit operations in different cities around Nigeria, offering investors and transport managers the FREE envioBOx; a hybrid satellite telemetric system to improve the quality and reliability of transit service and make operations more efficient.
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Statistics from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics show that 80% of the population in Nigeria depends on the dilapidated commercial transport system to get to their destination. Our technology focus is aligned to solve 2 major challenges that have made the sector less attractive to investors.

  • Poor Management of vehicles by transport managers.
  • Anxieties of return on investment to investors.


envio offers the FREE envioBOx; a hybrid satellite telemetric system that will help commercial transport managers achieve the following goals;

  • Optimize the entire fleet operations seamlessly.
  • Electronically process rental payments from drivers to investors. When a driver renting a vehicle on the fleet fails to make the payment on the due date, the system automatically disables the engine of the vehicle and automatically turns it ON as soon as the envio platform processes the payments.


As of December 2020, envio had exceeded the milestone of transaction value of N80,000,000 by 20% from 800 active vehicles on our platform. envio targets a milestone of 1,000 activations per month by the last quarter of 2021.


We are driven by passion, accountability, and technology

Our Connect centres are our “go centres” to hit our next milestone.

Duties of connect centres;

  • Client service: Help prospective subscribers choose any of the envío packages that soothe his/her service needs.
  • Customer support: Provide support to existing subscribers.

We are anxious to work with your organization as our connect center in your city.

Call our connect centre support desk on 08122281970 or send us an email at [email protected]