The compact plan allows you GAIN
more with your vehicle with an option to
pay in installment.


The compact plan is a better option for these categories of subscribers;

  • Individuals who offer commercial services with their vehicles, tricycles or moto bikes.
  • Corporate organizations.
  • Oil transport companies.


  • Retime visibility of the activities of each vehicle configured with the envioBOx.
  • Be notified when drivers exit city boundaries without permission.
  • Monitor and penalize drivers who violate speed limits.
  • Get notified when each vehicle is due for an oil change and periodic vehicle inspection.
  • Get notification when the engine of any vehicle is stressed on a journey.
  • Generate an analytical trip report of activities of vehicles.
  • envio offers 24 hours monitoring services to all vehicles fitted with the envioBOx.
  • In case of theft, your vehicle will be traced and recovered by the relevant law enforcement agencies.
Compact Plan
or N3750 per month.per year
FREE envioBOx SystemFREE envioBOx System
Installation Fee : N5,000 Installation Fee : N5,000
Cancel service anytime 30 days with a notice.Cancel service anytime 30 days with a notice.

Booking information: Kindly call 08122281970 or send email to [email protected]