Shared Mobility is the future of the new Africa.

We building a payment and data analytics infrastructure to stimulate the growth of shared mobility and vehicle lease finance for Africa.

    We are building a hybrid software as a service (SaaS) to stimulate and support commercial shared mobility in Africa one city at a time.

    The envio SaaS cloud services is powered by the prowess of iOT and a telemetry system (envioBOx) installed in each vehicle.

    Meet the team

    Sylvester Chude

    Comfort Ute-Ushede

    Mubarak Sharafadeen
    Co-founder/Product Dev

    Charles Hoo
    Co-founder/Chief Technical Officer

    Rasheed Olaoluwa
    Board Member

    Simeon Ononobi
    Investor/Board Member

    Egan Adat Ben-Koko
    Advisory Board Member

    Timothy Nunu
    Investor/Advisory Member

    Seun Akinola
    Customer Support Lead

    Judith Nmegwa
    Customer Support Lead

    Alex Fesobi
    Fleet Support Lead

    Ada Azizani
    Customer Support Lead

    Dabo Hammadu
    Data Support Lead

    Jecinta Obiajuogu
    Finance Support Lead

    Philip Ameh
    Fleet Support Lead

    Masud Abdulahi
    Customer Support Officer

    Frank Musubau
    Customer Support Officer

    Uju Okoli
    Customer Support Officer

    Isiah Wetman Plankat
    Fleet Support Officer

    Joshua Cherechi Jonah
    Fleet Support Officer