# Helping more people get to a destination in Africa.

Stimulating growth in shared mobility in Africa.

We are creating a payment infrastructure and data analytics platform to stimulate the growth of shared mobility in Africa.
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envio uses the efficiency of satellite technology and machine learning to stimulate shared mobility.

Real Time location data

Keep up with realtime data of the activities of each car on your fleet.

Maintenance Data

Keep up with maintenance data on the activities of the vehicles.

Billing Management

Manage all forms of lease payments and levies

Our goal

To boost shared mobility to meet up the deficiency in commercial transportation of persons and goods in Africa, our goal is to hit the milestone of 1000 vehicle monthly activations by 2022.

We are making shared mobility profitable in Africa.

Rental and levy payments are seamless with envio.

Processing rental payments or levies from drivers is now seamless with the envio technology. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to fix the rates and monitor the progress of payments.

With the prowess of artificial intelligence, our system seamlessly immobilizes the engine for defaulting drivers and automatically enables the engine as soon as payment is successfully processed.

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Be up to date with all maintenance routines from one dashboard.

Be the first to know when how well your vehicle fares while on lease for private or commercial shared mobility services.

From a very simple dashboard, each driver and vehicle owner can keep up with all the important updates on all maintenance routines.

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