Stimulating growth of vehicle finance lease in Africa.

We’re accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility in Africa using the prowess of IOT built on a professional SaaS platform.

Extend your mobility business

envio uses the efficiency of satellite technology and machine learning to stimulate the growth of vehicle financing in Africa.

  • Real Time location data

    Keep up with realtime data of the activities of each car on your fleet.

  • Maintenance Data

    Keep up with maintenance data on the activities of the vehicles.

  • Billing Management.

    Manage all forms of lease payments and levies. is a digital platform that allows investors create virtual garages to list vehicles for commercial rent or vehicle finance lease and connect with verified drivers while the tella billing gateway guarantees rental fees and helps investors generate analytical data on the state of roadworthiness of the vehicles.

    Create a virtual garage

    Renting out a vehicle is MUCH easier with to create a virtual garage ad start earning.

    Rent a vehicle

    Choose from a wide range of vehicles available on rent in different cities in Nigeria.


    tella is a billing technology designed by envio to seamlessly process rental payments, transport levies from drivers renting vehicles from the platform.

    Guarranteed rental fees

    The tella billing gateway seamlessly guarantees rental fees from drivers by automatically disabling the engine of the vehicle when drivers fail to make rental payments.

    Collection of transport levies.

    tella allows Government and taxi unions seamlessly process transport levies from drivers with detailed analytical reports.


    Leveraging software to manage maintenance also provides insight into the future health of your vehicle offered for commercial transportation or finance lease. Zeus is a mobile application recommended for verified support partners offering periodic inspection routines of vehicles fitted with the envioBOx telemetry system for vehicle financing and commercial rent.

    Lease out your vehicle.

    Create a virtual garage and start getting automated period inspection reports from support partners using the Zeus mobile application.

    Register as a support partner

    Join a growing network of support partners offering periodic inspections for vehicles on the platform.