smart mobility powered by intelligence

envio aims to create opportunities for the evolution of smart mobility combining strategic approach, technological advances and widespread public involvement in the creation of a new quality of life.

Urban Taxi Service

every trip is a wonderful experience.
envío is igniting the transport ecosystem in Nigeria. The envio platform powers up a professional urban taxi service in Nigeria. The versatility of our mobile app technology allows our partners (drivers) and passengers connect for a wonderful trip experience. To find out all the opportunities available in our urban taxi service nationwide.

Safety and Rescue

help is faster when you need it most.
The envio app platform connects users who need services of police as it regards crime rescue, road safety as it regards accidents, fire service as it regards fire emergencies in the cities envio operates. Click to find out cities that where envio operates.

Mechanic Support Services

When next that breaks down, help is sure with a click.
Getting stranded with a technical problem with your vehicle can be a nightmare. The envio platform hosts professional mobile mechanics and technicians who are equipped to come to your rescue on their motorcycles.When next your car breaks down, use the envio app to search for mobile technicians around that area.

Home support services

the best handy men with a click
Engaging the services of handy men from the comfort of your mobile phone not only eases the anxiety of getting trusted professionals to handle your needs but also gives you the ability to track your handy man arrive your house for the task.

What makes us different

Satellite Tracking Technology
CoTrac in the last 14 years has created a strong foundation for a reliable vehicle tracking servcie gives us a professional qualification to guarantee 24/7 monitoring of all vehicular assets on our fleet.
Professional Maintenance Frame Work
We understand the importance of a good maintenance culture for vehicles used as taxi. Our ecosystem has accredited auto mechanics and original vehicle spare part suppliers for an effective management.
Robust Ecosystem
We are constantly looking out for new ways to create an ecosystem that has a healthy value chain for all stakeholders. We believe the values of a shared economy.